Google Invests Billions on Satellites to Expand Internet Access

Google Invests Billions on Satellites to Expand Internet AccessGoogle is planning to invest more than $1 billion in a new fleet of satellites that will expand Internet access to unconnected regions of the world.

The company’s decision to purchase 180 small, high-capacity satellites is just the first step in a project that could cost the search giant over $3 billion, reported The Wall Street Journal. The project’s price tag will depend on whether the company decides to embark on a second phase of the project, which would double the number of satellites needed, Google insiders told the WSJ.


Iran link to social media spying on military leaders

Iran-link-to-social-media-spyingFake social media accounts have been used by Iranian hackers to spy on senior military and political staff worldwide, a report suggests.

The NSA Mines an Insane Amount of Data From Every Tech Service You Use

Wow. Nothing is sacred. The Washington Post has discovered that the NSA and FBI have teamed up to tap into the servers of nine US tech companies—Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, you name it—and have extracted e-mails, photographs, audio, video, documents and connection logs. They basically have free reign to take whatever they want. And they’ve been doing it since 2007.

Bill Gates has nothing to do with Microsoft anymore

Love him or hate him, Bill Gates was, and still is, the face of Microsoft. What Microsoft doesn’t want you to know though is that Gates has almost nothing to do with the company anymore.

Germany wins Eurovision 2010

German singer Lena has won the Eurovision Song Contest, the continent’s biggest musical competition, which allowed musicians from 25 countries to shrug off the economic gloom shrouding Europe, at least for a day.

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Google, Yahoo countersue Xerox on search patents

Google Inc, its YouTube video service, and Yahoo Inc on Thursday filed counterclaims against Xerox Corp in a lawsuit accusing them of infringing the document management company’s patents on Internet searches.

In filings in Delaware federal court on Thursday, the defendants sought declarations that they did not infringe the two patents at issue, or variantly that the patents are invalid and thus cannot be enforced by Xerox.

HTC Droid Incredible to Debut on Verizon This Month: Nexus Who?

Just a day after the phone’s specs leaked entirely, Verizon officially announced the HTC Droid Incredible as “the next chapter in the Droid saga.” Are other companies even making Android phones anymore? It seems like HTC has it totally locked up.

Twitter snags over 100 million users, eyes money-making

Microblogging sensation Twitter. which has now signed up more than 100 million users, outlined on Wednesday several revenue-generating initiatives, declaring that making money was now a primary goal.

The popular Internet service hopes to snag hundreds of millions more users in coming years by making the service easier, integrating Twitter directly into Web sites and focusing more on customizing the service for mobile devices.

At the company’s first conference for Twitter developers on Wednesday, Chief Executive Officer Evan Williams said generating revenue was among the key priorities going forward — a change of tone for a firm that had previously said it focused mainly on improving the user experience.

Intel Seeks Java as AppUp Store Apps Reach 200

Intel is talking to several companies to use their Web software programming tools with the AppUp store, including Adobe Air and Microsoft Silverlight, but it’s having a hard time finding anyone to talk to about Java.

“It’s been a little bit of a problem since Oracle acquired Sun,” said Don Harbert, general manager of Intel’s software and services division, answering questions at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing on Tuesday. “Sun didn’t want to make any new deals once they were acquired by Oracle,” he said, “and now we don’t know who to talk to at Oracle.” Oracle closed its purchase of Sun Microsystems, which developed the popular Java programming language, in late January.

Intel has been courting software developers and programming tool makers for its AppUp Center, an application clearinghouse like Apple’s App Store or Google’s Android Market, but designed for netbooks, tablet PCs, MIDs (mobile Internet devices) and smartphones that use Intel Atom microprocessors. Applications for the AppUp center are designed for either Windows or MeeGo, a Linux-based OS that combines Intel’s Moblin OS and Nokia’s Maemo OS.

The chip maker hopes developers will create free and paid software programs for the AppUp Center.

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