Win money with each Vietnam mobile top up

CYSEND Vietnam PromoWin up to VND 500’000 with each Vietnam mobile top up!

How to participate:

1. Top up mobile in Vietnam

2. Receive your draw ticket by email

3. Win up to VND 500’000

Only from CY.SEND®

Draw runs from September, 15 until September, 30.

For each top up to Vietnam while the promotion is active, you will receive a draw ticket with which you may win up to 500’000 VND for your next mobile recharge. The draw will run until stocks last. You can read full conditions here.

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A new mobile operator from Uzbekistan: Beeline Uzbekistan

Recharge Mobile phones in UzbekistanRecharge Mobile phones in Uzbekistan from today only on

A new mobile operator from Uzbekistan: Beeline Uzbekistan.

We are currently connected to 335 mobile operators in 115 countries!

You can see our full operators coverage here.

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Fifa World Cup ‘hits the poorest hardest’

Terre des HommesA leading international charity is calling for major sports governing bodies Fifa and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to change their way of doing business around their showcase global events. 

The Swiss-based NGO, Terre des Hommes, which is dedicated to stopping child exploitation in developing countries, wants to see a number of financial and social changes around World Cups and Olympic Games.

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E-cigarette criticisms ‘alarmist’ say researchers

e-cigaretteWarnings over e-cigarettes are alarmist – and increasing their use could save many lives, researchers have said.

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Deep sea ‘mushroom’ may be new branch of life

from the deep seaA mushroom-shaped sea animal discovered off the Australian coast has defied classification in the tree of life.

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How much has the Ice Bucket Challenge achieved?

ice bucketThe media is reaching saturation point in its coverage of the ice bucket challenge.

But what has actually been achieved?

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Canada and Russia in Twitter fight over map

Russia repliesThis is Russia. This is “not Russia”.

That’s the message the Canadian Nato delegation tweeted, in map form, to Russian soldiers “who keep getting lost and ‘accidentally’ entering Ukraine”.

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Birdman: Venice Film Festival 2014 review

BirdmanBirdman, the opening movie of the 2014 Venice Film Festival, is like ‘taking a rollercoaster ride while an improvisational comedian rants drunkenly in your ear’, writes BBC Culture critic Nicholas Barber.

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New payment methods added!

CYSEND 5 new payment methods For your comfort we have added 5 new payment methods from 37 countries.

In total we currently accept local payments in 84 countries and over 167 payment methods.

Armenia Yandex.Money Morocco OneCard
Algeria OneCard Oman OneCard
Australia BPAY Palestine OneCard
Azerbaijan Yandex.Money Philippines VMoney
Bahrain OneCard Qatar OneCard
Belarus Yandex.Money Russia Yandex.Money
Egypt OneCard Saudi Arabia OneCard
Georgia Yandex.Money Tunisia OneCard
Iraq OneCard Turkey OneCard
Jordan OneCard UAE OneCard
Kuwait OneCard Ukraine Yandex.Money
Lebanon OneCard Yemen OneCard
Libya OneCard WORLDWIDE PayU
Moldova Yandex.Money

You can see full list of accepted payments here.

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How Norway has avoided the ‘curse of oil’

BergenHugged by mountains and perched on a stunning coastline of fjords, Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, has picture-postcard views.

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