Dutch use black avatars in MH17 protest

black squareMany people in the Netherlands have changed their social media profile picture to a black square and are using the hashtag #BringThemHome.

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Recharge Mobile phones in Germany From today only on www.cysend.com

Recharge mobile phones in GermanyFrom www.cysend.com you can top up mobile phones in Germany. We added 14 new mobile operators from Germany.

We are currently connected to 337 mobile operators in 115 countries.

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The list of German mobile operators:

1. ay yildiz 8. Ortel
2. BASE 9. Otelo
3. callmobile 10. RTLMobil
4. congstar 11. T-Mobile
5. E-Plus 12. Telefonica
6. Fyve 13. Vodafone
7. MTV Mobile 14. vybemobil

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The island looking to China for brides

sunsetJapan’s population has been gradually ageing and shrinking for several years.

Remote communities far from the big cities are feeling the changes most – places such as Shiraishi-jima, one of hundreds of small islands which dot the Seto Inland Sea.

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One injection stops diabetes in its tracks: Treatment reverses symptoms of type 2 diabetes in mice without side effects

cellsIn mice with diet-induced diabetes — the equivalent of type 2 diabetes in humans — a single injection of the protein FGF1 is enough to restore blood sugar levels to a healthy range for more than two days.

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MIT Students Create An Ice Cream Printer

3d icecreamYou scream, I scream, we all transform an off-the-shelf Cuisinart soft-serve maker to extrude super-cooled and 3D-printed shells of ice cream!

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Large crater appears at the ‘end of the world’

craterMysterious ‘gigantic’ hole in remote region spotted by helicopters over gas-rich Yamal peninsula.

The striking puncture in the earth is believed to be up to 80 metres wide but its depth is not estimated yet. A scientific team has been sent to investigate the hole and is due to arrive at the scene on Wednesday.

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Getting a charge out of water droplets

ElectroStaticWater condensing and jumping from a superhydrophobic surface can be harnessed to produce electricity.

Last year, MIT researchers discovered that when water droplets spontaneously jump away from superhydrophobic surfaces during condensation, they can gain electric charge in the process.

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Germany 1-0 Argentina (aet)

Germany Germany were crowned world champions for the fourth time as Mario Gotze’s extra-time winner beat Argentina in the 2014 World Cup final.

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Will ‘Game of Thrones’ Run Out of Source Material? HBO ‘Not Concerned’

Game of ThronesHBO execs aren’t worried that their monster hit Game of Thrones could run out of source material.

With George R. R. Martin in the midst of writing The Winds of Winter, the sixth book in the series on which the show is based, the network’s president of programming, Michael Lombardo, says they’re “not concerned about it.”

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Netherlands 0-0 Argentina (2-4 on pens)

Argentina winArgentina will meet Germany in Sunday’s World Cup final at the Maracana after winning a penalty shootout to eliminate the Netherlands.

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